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    Does Groome accepted card or cash?

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    How much luggage am I allowed?

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    Are the shuttles ADA accessible?

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    Will Groome provide a child seat?

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    Are pets allowed on the shuttle?

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  • Coronavirus Update

    Please refer to our Coronavirus Update Center for the most up-to-date information on Groome's policies and procedures to provide our customers with the safest possible service experience.

  • Portland International Airport (PDX)

    How To Find The Shuttle At PDX Airport
    Exit the lower level Baggage Claim through Door #8, cross over to the third island, and go all the way to the left for “Scheduled Buses and Vans”.

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to shuttle departure time for all locations.

    Click to View Map of Portland Airport

  • Albany Specific FAQ

    Do you provide on-site parking?
    On-site parking is available at the Albany Comfort Suites located at 100 Opal Ct NE, Albany, OR 97322 for $5 per day.  Please sign in at the Comfort Suites front desk prior to boarding the shuttle. Parking is not available at Groome's Albany Office.

    Do you offer residential pickups?
    We do not currently offer home pick-up in the Albany area.

    Visit Albany Route Page.

  • Corvallis Specific FAQ

    Do you provide on-site parking?
    We offer parking at 2 locations in Corvallis - space permitting.  See below for details:

    Courtyard by Marriott
    400 SW 1st St
    Corvallis, OR 97333
    Limited Parking available for $10/day. Please check in with the front desk prior to departure for your permit and payment.

    Hilton Garden Inn
    2500 SW Western Blvd
    Corvallis, OR 97333
    Parking available for $10/day. Please note that Hilton does have blackout dates for parking - before booking call Hotel to check for availability on your dates of travel. Please check in with the front desk prior to departure for your permit and payment.

    Do you offer residential pickups?
    We do not currently offer home pick-up in the Corvallis Area.

    Do you offer service to / from Oregon State University?
    Yes!  We pickup and drop off at Hilton Garden Inn on 2500 SW Western Blvd - just across from Reser Stadium.

    Visit Corvallis Route Page.

  • Eugene Specific FAQ

    Do you provide on-site parking?
    We do not currently offer parking at any of our Eugene stops.

    Do you offer residential pickups?
    We do not currently offer home pick-up in the Eugene Area.

    Do you offer service to / from University of Oregon?
    Yes!  We pickup and drop off at the Bus Loading Zone at the UO School of Law - 1515 Agate St, Eugene, OR 97403.

    Do you service the Eugene Airport?
    At this time we do not provide service to the Eugene Airport.

    Do you make any stops in between Eugene and PDX?
    We pick up and drop off passengers in Salem and Woodburn and have a brief layover in Albany.

    Visit Eugene Route Page.

  • Salem Specific FAQ

    Do you provide on-site parking?
    Parking is available from the City of Salem Parking Kiosk for a daily fee. Press the yellow button marked ‘Valid Code’ and enter the discount code provided in your email confirmation followed by the green button on the far right. Continue to follow the prompts and take your receipt. Do not display the receipt in your vehicle. View the designated parking areas here.

    Limited Parking available for $9/day at the Holiday Inn Salem. Please check in with the front desk prior to departure for your permit and payment.

    Am I able to go inside the Salem Airport before or after drop-off?
    The Salem Airport will be locked outside the normal airport business hours of 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am - 12pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    Am I able to wait inside the Holiday Inn Salem for the shuttle?
    Yes, you are welcome to wait inside the lobby of the hotel.

    Do you offer residential pickups?
    We do not currently offer home pick-up in the Salem Area.

    Visit Salem Route Page.

  • Woodburn Specific FAQ

    Do you provide on-site parking?
    We offer parking at our Woodburn location - space permitting.  See below for details:

    For parking, check in with the front desk clerk to receive a parking permit. The hotel charges $2 per day.

    Do you offer residential pickups?
    We do not currently offer home pick-up in the Woodburn Area.

    Visit Woodburn Route Page.

  • Check In Policy

    What is the check-in policy?

    We request all passengers check in at least 15 minutes prior to your departure time.

  • Reservations

    How do I make an airport shuttle reservation?
    The easiest and most convenient way to make a reservation is to use our online reservation system. To make a reservation online, go to your local Groome Transportation webpage  and click “Book Now” to get started. You can also call your local Groome Transportation office to make your reservation at 877-693-3785.

    How early should I arrive for my reservation?
    To maintain an on-time schedule, we kindly request all passengers be ready at their pickup location at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

    What do I do if my flight is delayed?
    If you’ve missed your scheduled shuttle please call our office at 877-693-3785 as soon as possible and we will rebook you on the next available departure with seating available.

    Are shuttle reservations required?
    To ensure availability, we strongly encourage reservations at least 24 hours in advance. We will do our very best to accommodate customers who do not provide advance notice, but service cannot be guaranteed.

  • Cancellation Policy

    How do I cancel my reservation?
    You must cancel or change your reservation by 11:59pm the day before your travel date. No refunds will be issued. If you need to cancel, you will be issued a credit for use on future travel within the next year. The travel credit is valid for one year from its issue date (the date of the original cancellation). Travel must be rebooked by the expiration date (one year from its issue date). The travel does not need to occur by the expiration date.

    Credit will not be issued if cancelling after 11:59pm the day before your travel date. Same-day reservations are not eligible for credit if cancelled.

  • Payments

    Do you accept credit card and cash payments?

    Groome Transportation requires a credit card for any advance reservations made on the phone and online, we gladly accept all major credit cards. Cash payments may be made in advance at our office in Albany during regular business hours. We do not accept pre-paid cards.

  • Luggage Policy

    Each traveler is restricted to two standard suitcases and one personal item. Since there will likely be other passengers on your shuttle, you will share luggage space with other travelers. If you are traveling with more than two pieces of luggage per person, we recommend that you consider reserving an additional seat.

    Personal Items
    Your personal items should be small enough to keep on your lap or in between your feet on the floor without interfering with the space of another passenger. Examples include a purse, laptop case, everyday backpack or small shoulder bag.

    Groome Transportation’s standard luggage allowance is: two suitcases, each of which should weigh 50 pounds or less with a total linear length (sum total of the length, width, and height) of 62 inches or less. If any of passenger’s luggage exceeds 50 pounds, the passenger may be required to assist with loading the luggage, space permitting. Groome Transportation will not be liable under any circumstances for personal injuries as a result of loading, unloading, or other luggage handling for such luggage.

    Luggage Tips
    To avoid loss or mix-ups, we recommend that passengers ensure their luggage is tagged and identified with both the customer’s full legal name and contact information. We also recommend that all luggage be locked with TSA approved locks.

    We will make every effort to safeguard and return luggage to passengers in the condition that it was when loaded on the shuttle. However, Groome Transportation will not be liable under any circumstances for damage to or loss of any luggage. Groome Transportation disclaims any liability for particularly expensive, valuable, or fragile items such as, but not limited to, computers, electronics, jewelry, banknotes, artwork, collectibles, or antiques, and strongly recommends that these items remain with passengers at all times, subject to the other policies set forth above.

    Prohibited Items
    Boxes that exceed standard suitcase restrictions, other over-sized luggage, and duffel bags exceeding the luggage allowance; corrosive substances (such as acids and alkalis), combustible or flammable liquids (such as gasoline and kerosene), compressed gases, bio-hazardous materials, explosives (including fireworks), hazardous materials (poisons, radioactive materials, etc.), materials with a noxious odor, illicit substances.

    Military Travel
    Military travel is unique for temporary duty assignments (TDYs) and, therefore, Groome Transportation will allow personnel traveling for TDYs to bring the standard TDY kit which includes two duffel bags, one externally supported ruck sack and one personal bag. If additional equipment is required, please communicate that to the local office and we will do our best to accommodate on a space available basis.

    Military personnel traveling with us who are moving to their next duty station (PCS) should follow the standard luggage policy and make appropriate arrangements to move any household goods.

    Firearms and Ammunition
    All passengers are prohibited from carrying weapons on the bus or in their carry-on items. Federal or local law enforcement officers are subject to exemptions. Weapons and firearms may be transported in suitcases. Firearms in suitcases must be in a locked hard-sided case and declared to a Groome representative at check-in. Ammunition may not be transported in any carry-on bag.

    Assistive Devices
    For those passengers traveling with an assistive device, please see our Accessibility Policy for additional information.

  • Accessibility

    Are the shuttles handicap accessible?

    Groome Transportation provides reserved seats for persons with ambulatory disabilities and specially designed vans with drive-on ramps with a capacity of 800 lbs for persons who use a wheelchair while boarding and disembarking from the vans. Contact us by telephone for assistance in making reservations for accessible travel. Please alert Groome Transportation when booking reservations if you will be traveling with a service dog so we may reserve a seat at no additional charge for the service dog.

  • Children

    Can unattended children ride with Groome Transportation?

    Unaccompanied Minors, defined as passengers aged 15 to 17, may ride alone. Passengers aged 14 and under must travel with a parent or guardian.

    Do you provide car seats?
    Groome Transportation follows all state laws regarding child restraint requirements. All children under age 8, less than 57 inches tall and less than 40 pounds must be in an age-appropriate approved safety seat. Parents and guardians are required to install any car seat or booster seat used by their child. Parents and guardians must provide their own car seats or booster seats.

  • Pets

    Are pets allowed on the shuttle?
    Only service dogs are allowed on Groome Transportation. If you are traveling with a service dog please alert Groome Transportation ahead of your travel date(s) so we may reserve a seat at no additional charge for the service dog.

  • Lost Items

    What if I leave something on a shuttle?
    Groome Transportation is not responsible for any lost or damaged items, however, if you have left something behind please call your local office and we will do our best to reunite you with your belongings.

    Lost or Damaged Luggage/Items.
    Groome Transportation shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged luggage or any of the contents of customers luggage, to include, but not limited to, personal electronic items such as ipads, laptop computers, etc.

  • Group Transportation

    Do you provide group transportation?

    Groome Transportation has a late-model fleet of vans to meet your group travel needs.  Call your local Groome Transportation office to inquire about availability!

  • Corporate Accounts

    Do you offer corporate or government accounts?

    If your organization’s associates travel regularly or you have clients, guests or prospective employees that travel to or from your office, a corporate/government account offers many advantages to your organization.

    Groome provides customized invoices or vouchers to your organization.
    Any service can be used at any scheduled time.
    Reservation can be made up to two hours prior to the trip time.
    Your reservations can be made by you, your guest, or by us.
    There are no taxes or handling fees.
    Groome eliminates the need to reimburse your associate or guest.
    Direct convenient monthly invoicing in each month you have riders.


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    Services available 24/7, year-round.  Schedules to meet any flight plan.

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    Complimentary parking available at most offices for your convenience.

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  • Convenience

    Enjoy curbside drop-off and pickup at your destination.



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