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Athens >> ATL


**Please allow 15 extra minutes for the Atlanta Airport International Terminal**

DEPART: Downtown Hotels (By Reservation Only)DEPART: UGA CenterDEPART: Foundry Park Hotels (By Reservation Only)DEPART: Hampton Inn (St. Marys) (By Reservation Only)DEPART: Athens Office (Athens West Shopping Center)DEPART: Bethlehem (Circle K - By Reservation Only)ARRIVE: Atlanta Airport (ATL)
1:55 AM2:05 AM2:15 AM2:30 AM2:40 AM3:05 AM4:30 AM
2:55 AM3:05 AM3:15 AM3:30 AM3:40 AM4:05 AM5:30 AM
3:55 AM4:05 AM4:15 AM4:30 AM4:40 AM5:05 AM6:30 AM
4:55 AM5:05 AM5:15 AM5:30 AM5:40 AM6:05 AM7:30 AM
5:55 AM6:05 AM6:15 AM6:30 AM6:40 AM7:05 AM8:30 AM
6:55 AM7:05 AM7:15 AM7:30 AM7:40 AM8:05 AM9:30 AM
7:55 AM8:05 AM8:15 AM8:30 AM8:40 AM9:05 AM10:30 AM
8:25 AM8:35 AM8:45 AM9:00 AM9:10 AM9:35 AM11:00 AM
8:55 AM9:05 AM9:15 AM9:30 AM9:40 AM10:05 AM11:30 AM
9:25 AM9:35 AM9:45 AM10:00 AM10:10 AM10:35 AM12:00 PM
9:55 AM10:05 AM10:15 AM10:30 AM10:40 AM11:05 AM12:30 PM
10:55 AM11:05 AM11:15 AM11:30 AM11:40 AM12:05 PM1:30 PM
11:55 AM12:05 PM12:15 PM12:30 PM12:40 PM1:05 PM2:30 PM
12:25 PM12:45 PM12:55 PM1:00 PM1:10 PM1:35 PM3:00 PM
12:55 PM1:05 PM1:15 PM1:30 PM1:40 PM2:05 PM3:30 PM
1:55 PM2:05 PM2:15 PM2:30 PM2:40 PM3:05 PM4:30 PM
2:55 PM3:05 PM3:15 PM3:30 PM3:40 PM4:05 PM5:30 PM
3:55 PM4:05 PM4:15 PM4:30 PM4:40 PM5:05 PM6:30 PM
4:55 PM5:05 PM5:15 PM5:30 PM5:40 PM6:05 PM7:30 PM
5:55 PM6:05 PM6:15 PM6:30 PM6:40 PM7:05 PM8:30 PM
6:55 PM7:05 PM7:15 PM7:30 PM7:40 PM8:05 PM9:30 PM
7:55 PM8:05 PM8:15 PM8:30 PM8:40 PM9:05 PM10:30 PM
8:55 PM9:05 PM9:15 PM9:30 PM9:40 PM10:05 PM11:30 PM

ATL >> Athens


DEPART: Atlanta Airport (ATL)ARRIVE: Bethlehem (Circle K - By Reservation Only)ARRIVE: Athens Office (Athens West Shopping Center)ARRIVE: Hampton Inn (St. Marys) (By Reservation Only)ARRIVE: Foundry Park Hotels (By Reservation Only)ARRIVE: UGA CenterARRIVE: Downtown Hotels (By Reservation Only)
5:40 AM7:05 AM7:30 AM7:40 AM7:55 AM8:05 AM8:15 AM
6:40 AM8:05 AM8:30 AM8:40 AM8:55 AM9:05 AM9:15 AM
7:40 AM9:05 AM9:30 AM9:40 AM9:55 AM10:05 AM10:15 AM
8:40 AM10:05 AM10:30 AM10:40 AM10:55 AM11:05 AM11:15 AM
9:40 AM11:05 AM11:30 AM11:40 AM11:55 AM12:05 PM12:15 PM
10:40 AM12:05 PM12:30 PM12:40 PM12:55 PM1:05 PM1:15 PM
11:40 AM1:05 PM1:30 PM1:40 PM1:55 PM2:05 PM2:15 PM
12:10 PM1:35 PM2:00 PM2:10 PM2:25 PM2:35 PM2:45 PM
12:40 PM2:05 PM2:30 PM2:40 PM2:55 PM3:05 PM3:15 PM
1:10 PM2:35 PM3:00 PM3:10 PM3:25 PM3:35 PM3:45 PM
1:40 PM3:05 PM3:30 PM3:40 PM3:55 PM4:05 PM4:15 PM
2:40 PM4:05 PM4:30 PM4:40 PM4:55 PM5:05 PM5:15 PM
3:40 PM5:05 PM5:30 PM5:40 PM5:55 PM6:05 PM6:15 PM
4:10 PM5:35 PM6:00 PM6:10 PM6:25 PM6:35 PM6:45 PM
4:40 PM6:05 PM6:30 PM6:40 PM6:55 PM7:05 PM7:15 PM
5:40 PM7:05 PM7:30 PM7:40 PM7:55 PM8:05 PM8:15 PM
6:40 PM8:05 PM8:30 PM8:40 PM8:55 PM9:05 PM9:15 PM
7:40 PM9:05 PM9:30 PM9:40 PM9:55 PM10:05 PM10:15 PM
8:40 PM10:05 PM10:30 PM10:40 PM10:55 PM11:05 PM11:15 PM
9:40 PM11:05 PM11:30 PM11:40 PM11:55 PM12:05 AM12:15 AM
10:40 PM12:05 AM12:30 AM12:40 AM12:55 AM1:05 AM1:15 AM
11:40 PM1:05 AM1:30 AM1:40 AM1:55 AM2:05 AM2:15 AM
12:40 AM2:05 AM2:30 AM2:40 AM2:55 AM3:05 AM3:15 AM

To / From Atlanta Airport (ATL)

  •   Adults Children
    (Under 3)
    Athens $41.00 $25.00 FREE $12.00
    Bethlehem $41.00 $25.00 FREE $12.00

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Groome Transportation Office
3190 Atlanta HWY. Suite 22
Athens, GA 30606

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Due to limited parking at our office, we cannot guarantee that overnight parking will be available. Please be prepared to make alternative arrangements and feel free to call our office with any questions. We apologize for the inconvenience while we seek other solutions.
Thank you for your patronage.

UGA Georgia Center
1197 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA 30602

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Winter Break Closure, Groome will drop off and pick up in the front circle of the Hotel (Carlton St.) only from:
5pm on 12/20/2019 through 7am on 1/2/2020.

For all other times of the year, Groome vans will drop off and pick-up in the following locations at the listed times:

  • Back of the building (Green St.) from 7am-11pm
  • Front of the building (Carlton St.) from 11:01 pm-6:59 am

Hampton Inn (St. Mary’s Hospital)
2220 W Broad St
Athens, GA 30606

*By Reservation Only

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Homewood Suites
750 E Broad St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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SpringHill Suites Athens Downtown
220 S Hull St
Athens, GA 30605

*By Reservation Only

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Best Western Athens
170 N Milledge Ave
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Courtyard by Marriott
166 N Finley St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Holiday Inn Express
513 W Broad St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Holiday Inn
197 E Broad St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Hilton Garden Inn
390 E Washington St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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The Graduate (Foundry)
295 E Dougherty St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Hotel Indigo
500 College Ave
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Hyatt Place
412 N Thomas St
Athens, GA 30601

*By Reservation Only

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Circle K Convenience Store
634 Christmas Ave
Bethlehem, GA 30620

*By Reservation Only

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Atlanta / ATL

See Pickup Location at ATL

PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction at ATL our pickup location at the airport will be changing. Please check our FAQ Page here and be sure you are using the correct instructions for your travel.


RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED in advance of riding the shuttle.
We recommend that you make your purchase online, or by calling (706) 612-1155, at least 24 hours in advance, to avoid potential delays at your time of travel.

Groome Transportation and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road, or traffic conditions; mechanical failure; or any other conditions beyond our control. Any expenses arising as a result of delayed departure or arrival times, including missed flights or travel connections, are the sole responsibility of the passenger.

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, defined as passengers aged 15 to 17, may ride alone but a parent or guardian must submit an Unaccompanied Minor form before departure to ensure travel arrangements.

CHILD SAFETY SEATS: All children under age 8, less than 57 inches tall and less than 40 pounds must be in an age-appropriate approved safety seat. Safety seats are not provided by Groome Transportation.

PETS must be kept in a small (max size 2’x2′) airline approved carrier. Please note: Only one pet per adult ticketed passenger is allowed. Only one pet is allowed per vehicle, so please make reservations in advance.

LUGGAGE: Each Adult Ticketed Passenger is allowed 2 standard size bags plus 1 hand carry bag is free. Each Child Ticketed Passenger is allowed 1 standard size bag is free. Each additional bag is $25.00 per piece.

PACKAGE FARES: Groome Transportation accepts package delivery to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The rates below are for packages not exceeding fifty pounds.
Small Envelope: $12.00
Medium Package (2'x2'): $22.00
Large Package (3'x3'): $27.00

Fares subject to change without notice.


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3190 Atlanta Hwy. Suite 22
Athens, GA 30606

(706) 612-1155


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