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    Sonoma County Specific FAQ

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    SFO, OAK, STS Airport Locations. Check-In Policy.

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    Are reservations required? Cancellation Policy.

  • Payments

    Does Groome accepted card or cash?

  • Luggage

    How much luggage am I allowed?

  • Accessibility

    Are the shuttles ADA accessible?

  • Children

    Will Groome provide a child seat?

  • Pets

    Are pets allowed on the shuttle?

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    Get answers to all of your questions.

  • Coronavirus Update

    Please refer to our Coronavirus Update Center for the most up-to-date information on Groome's policies and procedures to provide our customers with the safest possible service experience.

  • Sonoma County Branch FAQ


    Do you offer parking at any of your stops?
    Parking is available at the following locations:

    • Sonoma County Airport ($13.00 per day)
    • Doubletree Hotel ($12.00 per day or $50.00 per week)
    • Petaluma ($6.00 per day or $30.00 per week)

    Are reservations required?
    We do not take reservations for our San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport service.  However, we encourage passengers to purchase a ticket before traveling. Reservations are required for our Port of San Francisco Cruise Ship Service.  Reservations are encouraged for our local Sonoma County service to/from the Charles M Schulz – Sonoma County Airport.

    How much time do I need to be at the airport before my flight?
    Due to recently added security measures at the airports, airlines recommend passengers arrive at least 90 minutes prior to domestic flights and three hours prior to any international flight. Check with your airline for additional requirements.

    How long does the bus ride take to or from Sonoma County and the airport?
    Depending upon your location in Sonoma County, the bus ride takes approximately 2 hours, to or from San Francisco or Oakland Airports.

    When do I pay and what forms of payment are accepted?
    Fares may be paid either prior to your trip or during the day of travel. If you decide to pay for your trip at the time of travel, we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. If purchasing online or over the phone, we will email you a ticket that can be printed out or scanned from your phone on the bus.

    Is my ticket refundable?
    Tickets are non-refundable, but are valid for one year from purchase date. Your ticket information is emailed to you after purchase.

    Where do I meet the bus when I arrive at the airport?
    Buses pick up passengers at San Francisco Airport on the Lower Level (outside Baggage Claim area) in the center island at the pillars marked "Airporters." International Terminal pickup is located at the Arrivals Level, outside Customs in the outer roadway center island at the "Airporters" zone.

    At Oakland Airport buses pick up and disembark passengers at the Ground Transportation Center platform marked "4E Scheduled Buses." The location is directly outside Baggage Claim across four lanes of traffic between the two terminals.

    Do the buses have restrooms on board?
    All of our SFO buses are restroom equipped. Presently we are utilizing mini buses for our OAK which do not have restrooms.

    How much luggage may I bring?
    Our buses have a limited amount of cargo room. We allow each passenger two suitcases and one carry on bag. There is a $6.00 charge for each additional bag or suitcase.

    Are Sonoma County Airport Express buses wheelchair accessible?
    The majority of our buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Call or email us to ensure the scheduling of one of our lift buses to accommodate your travel plans.

    May I bring my pet onboard the bus?
    Yes, Rover and Fluffy are on our buses nearly every day. Except for service animals and seeing eye dogs, all animals must be in a kennel and ride in the animal and cargo bay. There is a $6.00 charge for each pet with the exception of service animals.

    How about my bicycle or a set of golf clubs?
    We can accommodate bicycles, golf clubs, and surfboards (under 7 feet). There is a $6.00 additional charge for large boxes, surfboards, and bicycles (which must be boxed), but golf clubs ride at no extra charge.

    Do the drivers accept tips?
    Yes, gratuities are cheerfully accepted by our drivers!


    Do I have to be concerned about the bus not having a seat for me?
    Because our cruise ship service is a reservation and prepaid service, we are easily able to add additional buses when we know one bus will be unable to accommodate everyone. We will have a seat for you.

    Do all ships use Pier 27?
    The majority of San Francisco cruise ships are berthed at Pier 27. In the past, ships have also used Pier 35 and 30/32. We always know weeks prior to any cruise which pier will be used for boarding and disembarking of our passengers.

    When should I purchase tickets for this service?
    You’ll want to allow enough time to have tickets in your possession prior to your cruise. Maybe no more than a week or two prior to the cruise, but of course, the earlier the better.

    If something unfortunate happens and I have to cancel my cruise are tickets for the bus refundable?
    Yes, tickets are refundable as long as you contact us by 3:00pm the day before your travel date.

    How much baggage am I allowed?
    No limit! One of the main advantages to taking a cruise from San Francisco is that you are not traveling by air and not subjected to airline baggage policies. We at Sonoma County Airport Express as well as the cruise lines do not have baggage limitations for our San Francisco cruise ship passengers.

    What happens to my baggage once we arrive at the pier for our cruise?
    Before leaving home place your cabin tags on your bags. Once you give your bags to our driver, the next time you see your baggage will be in your cabin. Upon arrival at the pier your baggage is unloaded by our driver and representatives from the cruise line. Your bags are then sent directly to your stateroom.

    Any possibility the bus will return to Sonoma County without me?
    No! We will not depart the pier until all passengers who have purchased tickets from us are onboard our bus. Normally we are able to forward passenger lists to the cruise lines in order to have everyone disembark the ship in the same group.

    On the bus returning from San Francisco, will the driver radio ahead for a ride or taxi for me?
    Let the driver know before leaving the pier if you would like this service. They can radio ahead to have a cab or a friend waiting for you when the bus arrives.

  • San Francisco Airport (SFO)

    How To Find The Shuttle At SFO Airport

    Cross the street from customs exit (door #2) to the sign post on the center island labeled "Airporters".

    (Terminals 1, 2 & 3) - Cross the street from lower level baggage claim to the blue post on the center island labeled "Airporters".

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure for all locations.

  • Oakland Airport (OAK)

    How To Find The Shuttle At OAK Airport

    Ground Transportation Center platform marked "4E Scheduled Buses." The location is directly outside Baggage Claim across four lanes of traffic between the two terminals.

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure for all locations.

  • Sonoma County Airport (STS)

    How To Find The Shuttle At STS Airport

    Passenger pick up and disembarkation location is left of the main terminal at the bus shelter in front of Casteaux Bakery and coffee shop.

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure for all locations.

  • Children

    Do you provide car seats?
    No, we do not provide car seats.  Groome Transportation follows all state laws regarding child restraint requirements. All children under age 8, less than 57 inches tall and less than 40 pounds must be securely buckled in an age-appropriate child restraint seat when riding in our mini-buses utilized for our Oakland International Airport service.  Similar to onboard airplanes, our large highway coaches scheduled on our San Francisco International Airport service do not require car seats for infants.  Car seats are placed in the cargo bay of our buses with infants riding on laps.       

    Please Note: The mifold Booster Seat is not approved by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

  • Lost Items

    What if I leave something on a shuttle?
    Groome Transportation is not responsible for any lost or damaged items, however, if you have left something behind please call your local office and we will do our best to reunite you with your belongings.

    Lost or Damaged Luggage/Items.
    Groome Transportation shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged luggage or any of the contents of customers luggage, to include, but not limited to, personal electronic items such as ipads, laptop computers, etc.

  • Group Transportation

    Do you provide group transportation?

    Groome Transportation has 56 passenger highway coaches available for charter to meet your group travel needs.  Call (707) 837-8700 to inquire about availability!


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    Parking available at many offices and stops for your convenience.

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