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  • Tuscaloosa FAQ

    Tuscaloosa Specific FAQ

  • Find Us

    Atlanta Airport Locations. Check-In Policy.

  • Reservations

    Are reservations required? Cancellation Policy.

  • Payments

    Does Groome accepted card or cash?

  • Luggage

    How much luggage am I allowed?

  • Accessibility

    Are the shuttles ADA accessible?

  • Children

    Will Groome provide a child seat?

  • Pets

    Are pets allowed on the shuttle?

  • More

    Get answers to all of your questions.

  • Coronavirus Update

    Please refer to our Coronavirus Update Center for the most up-to-date information on Groome's policies and procedures to provide our customers with the safest possible service experience.

  • Tuscaloosa Branch FAQ

    May I leave my vehicle at one of Groome Transportation's designated pickup locations?

    Currently, parking is not allowed at any of our pickup locations in Tuscaloosa. Please note that these are pickup points only for our shuttles. Groome Transportation does not have facilities or staff present other than our drivers at the designated pickup times.

    Where do you pick-up at the University of Alabama?
    We pick-up at the Presidential Village II at 676 Abercrombie Lane. We also pickup - drop-off at

    Are there limited stops around the University Campus on game days?
    Due to increased congestion and limited campus access during game days, passengers that would normally be taken to the Presidential Village II, Bryant Hall, or Tutwiler Hall may be dropped off at the Crimson Ride Bus Hub or a nearby Crimson Ride Bus Stop on Campus Drive depending on traffic and road closures. Please refer to the University Gameday Traffic website for more information on road closures.

    How frequent is service to Atlanta Airport?
    We provide service to Atlanta Airport 7 times a day every day of year with limited service on Christmas Day.

    Can I book a shuttle online for a discount?
    The easiest and most convenient way to make a reservation and to save is to use our online reservation system. To make a reservation online, click on Book Now to get started.

    Do you provide service on Holidays?

    Thank you for your interest in Groome Transportation. We provide service 365 days per year including all major holidays. Our schedule on these days may be reduced, but we will provide full coverage for all airport departures and arrivals.

  • Atlanta Airport (ATL)

    How To Find The Shuttle At ATL Airport:
    Domestic Arrivals:  Exit the domestic terminal through Door W1 or W2, adjacent to domestic baggage claim and follow the covered walkway to spaces numbered 4-8 and you will see our shuttles.

    International Arrivals: We are not allowed to pick-up at the International Terminal. Take the International Shuttle Connector from the international terminal for a brief 10-minute trip to Ground Transportation at the domestic terminal.  You will see our shuttles in spaces 4-8.

    Groome shuttles to various locations share this pickup area, so be sure to board the correct shuttle. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure for all locations.

    Click to View Map of Pickup Locations at Atlanta Airport ATL

  • Birmingham Airport (BHM)

    How to find the shuttle at BHM Airport:

    After claiming your baggage, exit the terminal through Door 2L, by baggage carousels 3-4 and cross over to the median to the Ground Transportation limo and shuttle lane straight across from the 2L door. Groome will pick you up there.

    We ask that passengers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure for all locations.

    Click to see a map of the Pickup Location at Birmingham Airport BHM

  • Check In Policy

    What is the check-in policy?

    We request all passengers check in at least 15 minutes prior to your departure time.

  • Reservations

    How do I make an airport shuttle reservation?
    The easiest and most convenient way to make a reservation is to use our online reservation system. To make a reservation online, go to your local Groome Transportation webpage  and click “Book Now” to get started. You can also call your local Groome Transportation office to make your reservation.

    A reservation does not guarantee a shuttle will be waiting for you in the event that your flight is delayed.
    If you have missed your scheduled shuttle please wait for the next available shuttle to your destination. For questions about shuttle schedules, please visit your local schedule page or call your local Groome Transportation office.

    Are shuttle reservations required?
    To ensure availability, we strongly encourage reservations. We will do our very best to accommodate customers who do not provide advance notice, but service cannot be guaranteed.

  • Cancellation Policy

    How do I cancel my reservation?
    You must cancel or change your reservation by 11:59pm the day before your travel date. No refunds will be issued. If you need to cancel, you will be issued a credit for use on future travel within the next year. The travel credit is valid for one year from its issue date (the date of the original cancellation). Travel must be rebooked by the expiration date (one year from its issue date). The travel does not need to occur by the expiration date.

    Credit will not be issued if cancelling after 11:59pm the day before your travel date. Same-day reservations are not eligible for credit if cancelled.

  • Payments

    Do you accept credit card and cash payments?

    All major credit cards are accepted to reserve your shuttle and cash payments may be made in our office. However, we do not take cash reservations over the phone. Please have the exact amount of your fare, drivers are not able to make change.

  • Luggage Policy

    Each Adult Ticketed Passenger is allowed 2 standard size* bags plus 1 hand carry bag**, Free

    Each Child Ticketed Passenger is allowed 1 standard size* bag, Free

    Please contact your local branch to ensure adequate space, additional baggage fees may apply.

    No single piece shall exceed a maximum length of 54” and maximum weight of 50 lbs.

    *A standard size bag is to be defined as: Any bag or fully enclosed box with a Maximum Size of 62 inches (L+W+H) and a maximum weight of 50 lbs. Example: (10” + 20” + 32” = 62”)

    **A hand carry bag is to be defined as: any small hand held item that can be comfortably and safely held in the passenger's lap or can be safely stored on the floor between the passengers feet without inconveniencing any passenger seated next to, in front of or behind them.

  • Accessibility

    Are the shuttles handicap accessible?

    Groome Transportation provides reserved seats for persons with ambulatory disabilities and specially designed vans with drive-on ramps with a capacity of 800 lbs for persons who use a wheelchair while boarding and disembarking from the vans. Contact us by telephone for assistance in making reservations for accessible travel. Please alert Groome Transportation when booking reservations if you will be traveling with a service dog so we may reserve a seat at no additional charge for the service dog.

  • Children

    How old must I be to travel alone?

    Unaccompanied Minors, defined as passengers aged 15 to 17, may ride alone. Passengers aged 14 and under must travel with a parent or guardian.

    Do you provide car seats?
    Groome Transportation follows all state laws regarding child restraint requirements. All children under age 8, less than 57 inches tall and less than 40 pounds must be securely buckled in an age-appropriate child restraint seat.

    We are unable to provide car seats or booster seats and require all passengers to provide them for their children. We are unable to hold any child restraint seats in our office.

    Please Note: The mifold Booster Seat is not approved by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

  • Pets

    Are pets allowed on the shuttle?
    We allow pets to ride with certain stipulations.

    In order to avoid discomfort of any passengers, pets must be kept in a small (max size 2’x2′) airline-approved carrier. They must be clean, quiet and accustomed to travel. If they are not good travelers, we ask, for everyone’s comfort, that pets be sedated.

    Additional fees apply.

    Certified service animals are not subject to additional fees or carrier requirements.

    Please note: Only one pet per Vehicle is allowed.

  • Lost Items

    What if I leave something on a shuttle?
    Groome Transportation is not responsible for any lost or damaged items, however, if you have left something behind please call your local office and we will do our best to reunite you with your belongings.

    Lost or Damaged Luggage/Items.
    Groome Transportation shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged luggage or any of the contents of customers luggage, to include, but not limited to, personal electronic items such as ipads, laptop computers, etc.

  • Group Transportation

    Do you provide group transportation?

    Groome Transportation has a late-model fleet of vans and minibuses to meet your group travel needs.  Call your local Groome Transportation office to inquire about availability!

  • Corporate Accounts

    Do you offer corporate or government accounts?

    If your organization’s associates travel regularly or you have clients, guests or prospective employees that travel to or from your office, a corporate/government account offers many advantages to your organization.

    Groome provides customized invoices or vouchers to your organization.
    Any service can be used at any scheduled time.
    Reservation can be made up to two hours prior to the trip time.
    Your reservations can be made by you, your guest, or by us.
    There are no taxes or handling fees.
    Groome eliminates the need to reimburse your associate or guest.
    Direct convenient monthly invoicing in each month you have riders.


Leave the Driving to Us!

  • Schedules

    Services available 24/7, year-round.  Schedules to meet any flight plan.

  • Parking

    Complimentary parking available at most offices for your convenience.

  • Affordable

    Sharing a ride is less expensive and greener than driving alone.

  • Convenience

    Enjoy curbside drop-off and pickup at your destination.



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